Barry, the nice guy perv, in “Hell”

More Barry!

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Barry, the nice pervert


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Hair Cut page 1

Here’s page one of a story I’m working on “Hair Cut”
I had posted a pencil of this page earlier, but I screwed that up when I was inking it, so I just started drawing it again.
Thank you,

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Haircut page one sketch

Working on a small comic about being a dumbass and other things (haircuts!), and thought I’d post the pencils to the first page. I’ll post the rest of the comic here as it’s finished.


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craigslist funnies #2

I drove 40 minutes to buy a computer on craigslist, and when I got there, I couldn’t find the address. I called the guy and he directed me a couple blocks down the street, but I still couldn’t find it. I suspect that it was a prank. The guy sounded like a teenage stoner. I started drawing what I thought his bedroom might look like, but ended up drawing this.


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Hey Ya Stink Town

I wasn’t going to post this, but I really like the way I wrote “Stink Town”

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Ghost Town

Here’s a horrible comic strip about coping with debt. 

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Craigslist Funnies #1

For a while, I was trying to draw comic strips about the people I meet buying and selling stuff on But, that ended up being really time consuming (especially considering how many people I was meeting). So, instead, I’m gonna try just drawing some pictures of these people. Here’s one of the first people I met since moving to Ohio.

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Please Help


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You Too

001Lazy comics from a lazy guy.

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