Barry’s Ex Love’s #7


Original artwork available in my etsy shop

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Regrets Inside Amy Schumer

I don’t have a comic for today, but here’s a panel from one that I’m working on.

All my very best,


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Lil’ Barry in “Hang in There!”


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Carthief, part 1

Here’s the first part of my comic about stealing a car when I was 19. More parts coming eventually.

Original artwork available through my etsy store:








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Barry’s Book


This looks a little different than the other Barry strips because I drew it with a nib pen, rather than a Micron. I haven’t used a nib in a while. I’m not sure why, I like it a lot. Also, Barry, what a loser, right?

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Unauthorized Usage of a Motor Vehicle page 01

Here’s the first page of an 8 page comic about how I stole a car when I was 19 and loosing my shit. I’ll post another page next Wednesday (Champ posts every Wednesday!). I’m not sure if the whole comic will be up here on my website, because I’m submitting it to a comic anthology.
Thanks thanks thanks

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Ol’ Barry’s Ex Loves

Aw, geeze Barry, ya fuckin’ loser!

I bought one new tube of water color color to do this comic. Water colors are expensive! More colors comings as money comes in.

Original artwork available for sale here:

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I started this comic strip, and abandoned it, twice before this incarnation. I hope anyone reading it enjoys it. I’m also sick, and worked on this mostly while being sick, so maybe it’s contaminated, or stupid.

Tune in next Wednesday for another Champ strip, and this Sunday for a new Barry, the Nice Guy Perv strip.


PS original artwork is, of course, available for sale.

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Barry, “On A Stroll”


I’m putting up a Barry comic every Sunday. This Sunday, I failed, because the comic I was writing turned out to be too lame; a plight I thought I was immune to!

Anyway, here’s a Barry drawing instead!

Original artwork for sale here on etsy

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Ol’ Barry in Love Detector

Barry in Love Detector-web

Hope you enjoyed this Barry comic. I’ll be posting these every Sunday for a while. Original artwork is for sale. Thanks!

Also this week: a Barry, The Nice Guy Perv painting for sale! Click the image below!
barry the nice guy perv

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